Terms & Conditions Rules and agreements

The agreement regulates business relationships between OilSans company (the Company) and the Investor.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement the Investor is obliged to adhere to each of the points of the Agreement. If the Investor does not agree even with one of the points of the Agreement, he is obliged to refuse from registration on the Company's website

Any of the points of the Agreement may be changed by the Company’s administration without notice to Investors.


  • The Agreement is available for review to every Investor.
  • To become an Investor a person must be an adult under the laws of the country where he resides at the time of registration.
  • By registration on our website an investor confirms his/her consent with all rules of OilSans.
  • Registration procedure is mandatory for everyone who wishes to become an investor of OilSans.
  • Actions that could harm the Company's website will be considered illegal and will be treated as fraud and prosecuted according to the law of copyright.

Obligations and regulation of the Management of the company

  • The company is committed to provide the Investor with smooth operation of all services of the website.
  • The company has the right without giving any reason to refuse registration of the Investor.
  • If the user ignores these regulations, the Management has all the rights to remove or block or to fine him without warning and explaining the reasons why.
  • The Management takes full responsibility to keep all of the information of the registered user confidential.
  • Direct responsibilities of the Management are to provide with the efficiency of the website, the client’s account and to allow the user private-sector financing and investment operations. The company uses only modern equipment and software and reliable solutions in its activities.
  • The Company assumes no responsibility and liability to the other investors if it was damaged by a third party on his own fault.
  • The Management of the company reserves the right to make changes or additions to this document unilaterally without the agreement of the clients. The company obliges to inform about planned modifications and their release date using e-mail which was indicated by the client during the registration process.


  • The Investor is obliged to register on the website to start cooperation with the Company.
  • The Investor must specify only valid data during registration process.
  • Account registration is only allowed on condition that the Investor opens an account in his name. Registering an account in the name of other person, as well as investing from accounts of third parties is strictly prohibited.
  • Registration of multiple accounts by one Investor is strictly prohibited.


  • The Company undertakes to ensure safety of work and for this purpose applies modern technologies and services.
  • The Company is not responsible if the customer's personal data (username, password, etc.) were given to third parties by his fault.
  • Each investment shall be a private transaction between our service and a client.
  • The client makes any investments willingly. Therefore, the client has responsibility for the investments.

If you don’t agree with any of the terms listed, you shouldn’t be a client of our company. Therefore, you shouldn’t register on this website. If you register, you agree with this regulation in the fullest extent.