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    The development of oil-bearing sands is currently a very perspective field of investment and obtaining profit.

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    Oil-sands is an officially registered company. Besides, we are among the top ten best oil extraction and unconventional oil prospecting startups, with high-level investments and great prospects for the future.

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Welcome to Oil-sands website!

The principal activity of our company is the development of oil-bearing sands as the main method of unconventional oil extraction. Unlimited reserves of the deposit and the growing demand for alternative sources of mineral deposit extraction have played a major role in the development of our company.

Global science and economy evolve constantly. Some years ago, oil extraction from bituminous sands required a lot of freshwater. Cracking of four tons of extracted raw material usually results in one barrel of heavy oil.

Cracking is high-temperature oil processing to obtain products with lower molecular mass.

Nowadays the technology development and the commitment of our team of product engineers have made the extraction a less resource-consuming activity and, as a result, more competitive not only on the regional markets but on the global one as well.

Oil-sands is the pioneer of unconventional oil extraction. Having succeeded at all the stages of company development we are not resting on our laurels, but constantly promoting and upgrading our equipment and methods, making oil extraction safe for the environment and people.

Оil recovery methods...

The career way of developing oil sands with the help of huge excavators and giant trucks allows to involve in extraction only 20% of oil reserves. Therefore, the next logical step in the development of the development of oil sands was the transition to oil production directly from the reservoir.

Our plans Our investment offers

The success of the company is embodied in four investment offers that make possible to obtain high profits with minimal financial burden absolutely guaranteed and safe.

  • 01
    Dailypackage 10% daily for 12
    Business Days
    min-max deposit 20$ / 10000$
  • 02
    Startpackage 109% after 1 week min-max deposit 20$ / 20000$
  • 03
    Mediumpackage 125% after 2 week min-max deposit 20$ / 30000$
  • 04
    Propackage 136% after 3 week min-max deposit 20$ / 40000$
  • 05
    VIPpackage 160% after 4 week min-max deposit 20$ / 50000$

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